karma’s a bitch…

My planter box can sit for years, not yielding one plant. No matter how hard I wish, nothing grows in this box without a seed.

I could buy some seeds, but that’s terribly expensive. I can’t steal any seeds, because I can’t free them from their chain and balls.

How then can I get seeds?

I will need someone to give them freely, a man to provide his seeds willingly.

Which brings me to the planter box next to me… she was seeded without consent. Forced to grow the seeds of a thick tree trunk that has now broken her box, and her tears are everywhere. She can’t hold her own (water) anymore.

I overheard the workers saying she was weak, and should be removed. They didn’t want to waste their time putting her back together; they want her to go away.

Incarceration for being seeded? Are you kidding me?!!!

This is not a blame game… wake up people; or the 73.3% of us will happily watch you shovel manure for the rest of eternity.

Karma’s a bitch!

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