NOURISHMENT for body & soul…

The battle we all face is labor vs. time… and it’s even more daunting for those on the battleground making meals for a growing family. It truly takes two to four hours a day to make dinner from scratch and I don’t know many people who can offer that much time to food. Shortcuts became my new way of life when I had my second child, poor little guy! Regardless, I did reawaken to the importance of organics and eating whole foods not cans or frozen produce; getting cancer is a great motivator for shedding bad habits of all kinds and I am most appreciative of the changes I made!

I now get joy from cooking with new eyes, meaning I love to integrate all I am learning and putting it into our dinners. It’s amazing how much pride I get in grating my own turmeric root or creating a salad solely from our small but functional organic garden. I have determined that my kids will remember my enthusiasm for healthy food far more than the stale memory of a frozen dinner. Simplicity is the key in our house and it works well, I make simple components and have easy substitutions for my picky eaters (i.e. carrots sub for broccoli, plain noodles sub for many things); I don’t fight it, I just substitute with a smile.

I found that the more I learned about the life I was blindly living, the easier it became to make the smarter choices about what I allow into my home and body. The circle of life from the ground through our hands and out into the air has a purpose and the artificial additives our society likes to keep adding into what should be an impervious circle is hurting us. We have all we need naturally occurring on this gorgeous planet of ours, we just need to remember how to keep life simple… this pure fate will heal us from the inside out.

We also need to care for our surroundings which includes both the structure, and the environment, which is mostly self-created. Did we choose a stressful life-style or have we given up on life and never see the sun, do we thrive in our choices or do we create chaos?



This quote is a fabulous example of simple living; one where both planting and nourishment are our measuring scales and balance creates optimal growth. To grow where we are planted speaks to our environment, the path our feet walk and the soul our life creates. What we choose to put in our mouths, clean our bodies with and dab on our beautiful skin is how we are nourished. I think there is no better way to honor yourself and others than feasting on an amazing display of food that was created with love and from scratch. This sounds like Thanksgiving but it can truly be created with much less structure and still generate amazing warmth and love for whomever is enjoying the meal…. and those meals nourish more than our bodies, they feed our souls!