I just pulled this page out of my files, wanted to share with a friend whose mom is fighting cancer; in fact, I have shared this page with a few friends, unfortunately! Anyway, I was thinking everyone should have access to my cancer fighting highlights. I I I am also celebrating my latest blood test results and I am doing extremely well; ALL my levels are back to normal finally and my tumor marker is well below the normal range. So, two years down and three more to go!!!

Hope these notes can help someone fight their own good fight:

Life is awfully overwhelming and moves in slow-mo for a while; it’s impossible to know it all right away but you WILL HAVE plenty of time to learn what you need to, so don’t put overdue stress on yourself.




  • THETRUTHABOUTCANCER.COM (I watched it for free)




It is very important that everyone around you stays healthy so your immune system isn’t compromised.

Get a theme/fight song!

You need humor, especially during treatments!

Sleep a minimum of eight hours a day.

Organic food is very important and eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables is ideal… juicing is super powerful & highly recommended. I love my juicer and it is easy to clean — Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer.

Grass fed beef and pasture raised poultry is also important; I happen to be gluten free and try for vegan living (I splurge on good cheese and sushi).

Filtered water is good (I use a Zero Water system and the Berkey). No plastic bottled water!!

Green tea with hibiscus flowers, shitake mushrooms, cruciferous vegetables, nuts, flax seed oil (add to cottage cheese with fruit), turmeric, kale

No grilled foods

No sugar… use honey, agave or brown sugar if needed.

This list could go forever… and you will learn more from the books I suggested.

You can also check out the nutrition section on my website; there are some great food lists under the nutrition page to help at the grocery store, and I am always adding more stuff!!

Glass and stainless steel for food/beverage storage and cooking..

Oxygen kills cancer… daily walks really helped me fight my tumor and my sadness!

POSITIVITY SAVES LIVES, you must believe he will get better… with all you’ve gotJ

I love yoga & meditation, but visualization might be better for kids – video games in your head killing cancer cells is supposed to be great!

I took a homeopathic route during treatment (lifestyle & diet changes), but went full eastern once chemo ended to cleanse and clear. Some of the things I did during this stage:

  • no chicken (makes things grow fast)
  • no shellfish (toxins)
  • only hot liquids & foods (keeps your body from focusing on your core temperature & can just fight cancer)
  • a lot of rice & beans
  • acupuncture
  • herbs & other random things that don’t often get explained well – eastern medicine requires the same blind acceptance as western.

It’s important to mention that such a strict diet is really hard and chemo should just be enough… so  I allowed myself guilt-free cheating every day during treatment and that did make life a bit more fun. I got my chocolate bite at the end of a lot of nights – shenanigans are good!!

IMMUNOTHERAPY IS ALL THE RAGE, so ask… but I didn’t get it, so don’t have experience to share.

Learn to love the lifestyle that loves you back!!!


that girl…

It is actually a magnificent view from this side of cancer… the side that fought a hard six months getting rid of stage IIIC ovarian cancer, then fought again when told I had an 80% chance of getting my cancer back. I went to my Onc-Doc for what I thought would be our last visit, but our visit didn’t end in a “good bye”; it most certainly felt like a “see ya soon,” and that sucked!!

AH! — Still shaking my head while writing this!!

With a little distance between that appointment and today, about 9 months, I now find it easier (and life affirming) to focus on the amazing news my Doctor gave me after my full-hysterectomy, on New Year’s Eve no less. The first three months of chemo actually rid my body of a grapefruit size tumor with octopus legs that spread throughout my abdomen; Doc-Onc literally said there was no cancer to remove! So, my scars healed and one month later I began a 3-month run of intra-peritoneal chemo that kicked my butt, literally!

My Doctor now tells MY story to his patients… SO, I CHOOSE to focus on getting to be “that girl” he talks about, because surely, THAT GIRL, falls within the 20% that doesn’t get a repeat cancer!!

So, BAM… “I got that going for me!!”

At the risk of repeating myself, I want to revisit the very raw, very beaten, and very scared little girl that walked out of that office feeling like I had been given a death sentence. 24 hours of freak out, lots of tears and alone time later, I made an appointment with who I would later refer to as Yoda. I knew it was time to engage with some eastern medicine, and I turned to Yoda for healing, cleansing and strengthening. I was such a stubborn little patient, and thought myself quite strong simply because I could stand tall and walk down any frightening hallway I could find. And boy did I find a very strange, long, hallway to walk down for two months.

It all began with my mother-in-law, she is a trained shaman among other fabulous things, and her wholistic healer/chiropractor trained with an eastern medicine Doc near me, who had successfully cured many people from cancer. I found my perfect plan and I set out on my first voyage south, about a 30 minute commute without traffic. I was a bit nervous but I thought my only refuge from crazy-town was going to be found in Yoda’s 2-story building filled with cobwebs, plants, jars, candles, cinnamon burning, stacks of boxes, leaning pillars & planks, peeling paint and a single piece of paper with a note to head upstairs for the healing center. The second floor had more boxes, many doors and holes in the ceiling… my mouth must’ve hit the floor when a little man with a big grin came into the hall and waved me through, “yes, yes… very messy; please come sit inside.” He had me at “yes”… well, not really!! Truth told, I went home after that meeting and cried, called a couple people to discuss my new-found friend. Went back two more times, and then finally rolled over and let him rule my world…

  • No chicken, no shellfish
  • Hot liquids/food only
  • Lots of rice and beans
  • Eat random herbs/concoctions daily… still taking the main one
  • Qi Gong 4 days a week, “bone marrow” qi gong – and I researched the “bone marrow” aspect, there doesn’t seem to be any written example or teaching of this particular qi gong; but experts agree if you have studied the teachings, you, of course, understand what to do.

By following Yoda’s guidelines, I slowly came back to life & after 3 months of working hard, I took the summer off to enjoy life again… by my rules!!