just love…

“The truth of simplicity brings life’s clues…”

Living in a fantasy of money, lust and religion, it is hard to see where the battle begins.  Of course, each person is distinct and appropriate to their own mind; we all understand the battles within and birth-right prejudices, but until we honestly see the bigger picture and trim our denial, we have no hope of escalating our condition.  It reminds me of Daniel Quinn’s, Ishmael, and the battle against the unknown bars that cage our culture; the exact same reason why he thought the ‘60’s revolution failed.

The drawback of living a life by following the rules society sets is that your life, my life, everyone’s life is not wholly their own; it’s a walk down a structured path.  I believe that nature has so much more to offer, a more organic meandering; embracing the learning turns of life… choosing to live life, instead of reliving it!

As Thomas Paine once tried to inspire in his day can be said here today, “we have it in our power to begin the world over again.”  We just need to breathe confidence into our visions for lasting peace and real change.  Some call me naïve, but I believe we are at the cusp of change, just moments before we realize we can redesign our values… and stop competing.  I repeat loudly…. STOP COMPETING.  Competition is at the root of our captivity; our self-created bars also serve in keeping us too busy to see the obvious.  The fastest way to destroy a community is to withhold resources; people will turn on each other for fear of losing what meager resources they have.

I believe people choose the righteous path when playing a fair game and that a good person comes from within, not from threats.  Western values and morals are all built on fear; and we are so petrified of losing that we blindly chase our tails in vain.

Thomas Paine had the right idea with his “guaranteed minimum income”… a system of social welfare that guarantees that all citizens and families have an income sufficient to live on, provided they meet certain conditions. It seems most of Europe agrees with this plan, as does Canada and most of the Scandinavian countries… France began their program in 1988, which seems a bit late for a country who learned long ago to put community first with their lavish meals and long siestas.

France does seem to have their lives in alignment with healthy living… as their rates of disease are down with eastern cultures, yet still eat, drink and smoke without fear.  I believe one of their keys to success is their commitment to keeping food free from contaminants, and from cooking seasonal foods from local farms.

Here in the United States, we aspire to a higher calling… we want food to be cheap, easy and fast; while our corporations want to make the most products at the cheapest cost, creating the biggest profits.  We don’t put our physical or mental health as a priority in our lives, so what we desire is then manifest, the most unhealthy, wealthy nation in the world.

We are told that if we follow certain rules, good will follow; we will go to heaven, get in the right schools, get a good job etc. Success by this standard is quite easy for the small, gifted and mostly white percentage of people (and their offspring).  But what if you are born into poverty or worse, the possibilities are slim to nearly impossible for the beaten, broken and abused larger percentage of the population.  And we are tired of this hypocrisy, otherwise we would not be backing such extreme candidates as Trump and Sanders, and these unlikely candidates have gained strength.  One wants to beat everyone into submission with an oversized club, and the other wants to level the playing field by forcing Wall Street and large corporations to share their wealth.

Putting politics, religion and capitalism aside… there will be more than one path to regain our pride and sense of control in our lives, but it will first begin with changing the story we tell ourselves.  It is time to believe in the intent of our being, not as interested in what we do, but why we do it; to reconnect our spirit to the divine oneness of us all on this planet.  No room for labels, just for love.  I repeat loudly… JUST LOVE.

“Take apart your bow and arrow…

And what you have now will be there tomorrow.”


PeaceLove&EtnernalGroovinessB&W www.TahoeBoHo.com

reckless change

Capitalism and the industrial revolution have proven to be a fatal relationship; one is bad enough, but together they have forged a seemingly endless process that is currently so big it cannot be controlled. Supply and demand are its’ only laws and they are supplying the masses with the kind of decadence that will destroy our planet. True concern for this predicament started hitting the airwaves in the 1990’s, but we were called hippies and thought to be high on life, as usual. Then Al Gore’s, An Inconvenient Truth, came out in 2006; this helped open a lot of eyes and the ripples are still being felt. Almost ten years later, we have a global leaders’ summit collecting 196 countries together to discuss future plans.

I wish I could believe that this global summit will produce some solid changes, I really do… but it’s not easy to make the real changes we need to make in order to slow global warming. As for me, personally, I drive a very large car, I have two kids, carpool & lots to transport, I love a warm house as I tend to run cold, I did start composting again, but I do many things I truly shouldn’t. I am working on improving each year, but it’s too slow, in my opinion.

America is the first off-spring of this marriage between capitalism and the industrial revolution, and she’s a bully, a very popular bully. America helps the world and there doesn’t seem to be a limit to our giving and protecting in certain areas. We have come to expect a lot from America, but I think that’s fair considering her rocky start. I wonder if we will be the leader in this new frontier and what exactly will this look like?

What is becoming clear is that we have passed the time when warnings and focused concern can do any good… global warming and the all too clear signs are upon us. I think we crossed that line about three years ago; maybe we could’ve been closer to change had 9/11 not occurred, but that’s hindsight and we have our future to protect!

I have started talking about Bernie Sander’s call for a REVOLUTION and I believe he is correct; in fact, we need reckless change, American-style!!! A complete overhaul of our society is needed, and it will be hard forging into uncertain territory without all the niceties we have come to enjoy and rely on. We can do this, WE MUST DO THIS AGAIN… only this time without having to sail across the Ocean to find our new land. We must look within ourselves to conquer this battle. What is clear, is we won’t be able to look ourselves in the mirror (literally) if we put this off much longer. Something I wrote back in the mid 1990’s seems to relate well here:

Once you decide you want to love yourself,

You have much work to do.

This path is dark and arduous,

But the beauty is worth the journey.

I also found a short essay I wrote almost 10 years later that had a funny approach to changing our bad habits. I compared the struggles of a smoker giving up cigarettes to a person having to give up luxury in the wake of global warming. Quite certain I was struggling with quitting smoking (and not winning) when I wrote it because I explained how it is easier for me to cut-back slowly instead of quitting cold-turkey. Then added that maybe now non-smokers can understand how hard it is to quit… I was obviously frustrated, but I’m happy to announce I did win the battle against cigarettes. And I am suggesting a similar plan now, instead of frustration, start small. My global-warming plan starts with one simple list; I challenge everyone to pick five ways to improve our planet and cross-off each item once accomplished until the list is complete. You might have guessed already, but the next step is to simply write a new list of five changes… and keep going even when your teenage daughter, rolls her eyes at you and claims, “you are so natural and annoying now!” Yes, that happened to me this year… but happy to share that I am still checking things off my lists (and so will she one day).

Whether on the threshold of a bold new move or a minute realization – keep the forward motion!

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