Why is it the Republican presidents tend to have a really bad guy pulling the strings behind a magic curtain? You know who I’m talking about… Bush with Cheney… and now Trump with Bannon? This is bananas Bannon (#bananan).

I can actually hear the Monkey’s music playing, while short bits of the White House staff and the President scramble about, running into walls, and poking fun at each other.


Then I shift my focus, to what I can see going on outside the White House windows… protests as far as the eye can see.

There is a definite music change, to something more soulful. I lost my breath, my mind, my heart has left the White House. The collective soul of this nation is pulsing with life again, and I feel the love, just fear the hate.


I consider myself a very trusting person, but I do not feel safe with the President. I have never felt this powerful emotion before.

I have questioned, but never feared. I am a 50 year old woman, and I am scared of my President.

And so are you.

PeaceLove&EtnernalGroovinessB&W  TahoeBoHo.com