the power of momentum…

waterfall-photoshop  Photo & Blog by Carla Cook Sakrison

If I walked up to you, and told you I have the secret to escaping your crazy mind, would you believe me? If I added that simultaneously, your body will begin to heal, and your problems will dissolve into plans, would you think I was the crazy one?

Before I got sick with ovarian cancer, a couple years ago, I sure would’ve thought the idea was crazy. At the very most, it could be a “made for TV” item for sale; maybe the magic elixir could be sold at gas stations, next to the candles and neck pillows. Haven’t we all been gifted one of those lavender neck pillows? They are good for car rides, but I never seem to have mine in the car!

I have had to make peace with my anxiety, I worry a lot about my kids, and I fight off worrying about not being around for my kids as they grow up. These thoughts creep in; however, like a meandering river that finds its way around big boulders and small dams, I have found the way to keep these thoughts from taking root for too long. Something I never thought about before, is the river’s progress isn’t so much the result of the power of water… but rather the power of momentum.

The power of momentum literally keeps the river’s intention alive. A river defies stagnation, nature has far better plans for her day. The same goes for keeping our bodies and minds clear of toxins and toxic thoughts, and the best way to do this is through yoga (and drinking lots of fluids). It is through the routine practice of hitting your mat, staying hydrated, and focusing on your breath that one can keep clear site on their intentions.

As I age, I use the benefits of hindsight to move my goals forward. Looking back on my life, I see where my true-self grew from moving and stretching to reach alignment not only with my body, but with my mind. Your breath will literally bring your body, heart and mind into alignment with your quest; it creates momentum to stay on your path towards inner peace. And this momentum will bring you back to your mat each day, bringing more and more of your life into clear waters.

Calm, beautiful, clear waters to carry your dreams to fruition… but if my practice stalls, and my mat stays rolled up tight, it is not long before my body follows. My muscles will tighten, my shoulders round and my breathing stalls. Often the anxiety comes first, and then everything gets worse; such an easy fix to a rather annoying list of problems. The American Osteopathic Association put a succinct list of the physical benefits together:

  • Increased flexibility.
  • Increased muscle strength and tone.
  • Improved respiration, energy and vitality.
  • Maintaining a balanced metabolism.
  • Weight reduction.
  • Cardio and circulatory health.
  • Improved athletic performance.
  • Protection from injury.

It is from experience that I know my head and body improve, and everyone else who is committed will share the same. I now keep my momentum going with yoga, and find breathing to be the best elixir around. I keep the pressure off, and do what I can, even if it’s simply a sun salutation (a simple series of moves that lights up over 95% of your muscles).

The best part is how easy it is to access yoga nowadays; I do most of my practice online at home (Gaia, Wanderlust TV and Yogaglo). There are as many online resources as there are studios; in fact, yoga in my pajamas is becoming popular in my house, and your pets will love to join in the fun.

So, stop standing at the river’s edge, and get in… breathe the water, and make your body flow with the momentum of your intentions.



stronger together…

I registered independent a long time ago, I didn’t want to be associated with either party as they are both too mean in their fighting… some people feel strength by pointing fingers and denigrating half the population, some do not. My heart was broken when Bernie lost his battle, so the recent election results, although surprising, did not break me as it has a lot of my friends. My heart goes out to those who worked hard for their beliefs and for those that are now living in fear… but you will rise and you will find peace again.


Half our country is happy and half our country seems to be angry, but the angry half is the side that has put “stronger together” on their banner and shouted “love” trumps war for more than a year. These are great goals and moral stands but their power is in their action, not in the words themselves. It takes great strength to stand strong, to join hands and to work together to make this country better. The candidates we voted into the House of Representatives and Senate are there to represent us, so let’s talk to them… not yell, but speak our minds. Sign petitions, make those calls and truly use our democracy; that’s right, we have power all throughout these four years and not just at election time.


Turn your anger and frustration into some real good and volunteer for your local political leader and make that change happen locally, if you are so moved! The vitriol is a turn-off and destroys all hope for our future, we have simply had enough in this country and we have so much more important work to do.



I just pulled this page out of my files, wanted to share with a friend whose mom is fighting cancer; in fact, I have shared this page with a few friends, unfortunately! Anyway, I was thinking everyone should have access to my cancer fighting highlights. I I I am also celebrating my latest blood test results and I am doing extremely well; ALL my levels are back to normal finally and my tumor marker is well below the normal range. So, two years down and three more to go!!!

Hope these notes can help someone fight their own good fight:

Life is awfully overwhelming and moves in slow-mo for a while; it’s impossible to know it all right away but you WILL HAVE plenty of time to learn what you need to, so don’t put overdue stress on yourself.




  • THETRUTHABOUTCANCER.COM (I watched it for free)




It is very important that everyone around you stays healthy so your immune system isn’t compromised.

Get a theme/fight song!

You need humor, especially during treatments!

Sleep a minimum of eight hours a day.

Organic food is very important and eating a wide range of fruits and vegetables is ideal… juicing is super powerful & highly recommended. I love my juicer and it is easy to clean — Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer.

Grass fed beef and pasture raised poultry is also important; I happen to be gluten free and try for vegan living (I splurge on good cheese and sushi).

Filtered water is good (I use a Zero Water system and the Berkey). No plastic bottled water!!

Green tea with hibiscus flowers, shitake mushrooms, cruciferous vegetables, nuts, flax seed oil (add to cottage cheese with fruit), turmeric, kale

No grilled foods

No sugar… use honey, agave or brown sugar if needed.

This list could go forever… and you will learn more from the books I suggested.

You can also check out the nutrition section on my website; there are some great food lists under the nutrition page to help at the grocery store, and I am always adding more stuff!!

Glass and stainless steel for food/beverage storage and cooking..

Oxygen kills cancer… daily walks really helped me fight my tumor and my sadness!

POSITIVITY SAVES LIVES, you must believe he will get better… with all you’ve gotJ

I love yoga & meditation, but visualization might be better for kids – video games in your head killing cancer cells is supposed to be great!

I took a homeopathic route during treatment (lifestyle & diet changes), but went full eastern once chemo ended to cleanse and clear. Some of the things I did during this stage:

  • no chicken (makes things grow fast)
  • no shellfish (toxins)
  • only hot liquids & foods (keeps your body from focusing on your core temperature & can just fight cancer)
  • a lot of rice & beans
  • acupuncture
  • herbs & other random things that don’t often get explained well – eastern medicine requires the same blind acceptance as western.

It’s important to mention that such a strict diet is really hard and chemo should just be enough… so  I allowed myself guilt-free cheating every day during treatment and that did make life a bit more fun. I got my chocolate bite at the end of a lot of nights – shenanigans are good!!

IMMUNOTHERAPY IS ALL THE RAGE, so ask… but I didn’t get it, so don’t have experience to share.

Learn to love the lifestyle that loves you back!!!


NOURISHMENT for body & soul…

The battle we all face is labor vs. time… and it’s even more daunting for those on the battleground making meals for a growing family. It truly takes two to four hours a day to make dinner from scratch and I don’t know many people who can offer that much time to food. Shortcuts became my new way of life when I had my second child, poor little guy! Regardless, I did reawaken to the importance of organics and eating whole foods not cans or frozen produce; getting cancer is a great motivator for shedding bad habits of all kinds and I am most appreciative of the changes I made!

I now get joy from cooking with new eyes, meaning I love to integrate all I am learning and putting it into our dinners. It’s amazing how much pride I get in grating my own turmeric root or creating a salad solely from our small but functional organic garden. I have determined that my kids will remember my enthusiasm for healthy food far more than the stale memory of a frozen dinner. Simplicity is the key in our house and it works well, I make simple components and have easy substitutions for my picky eaters (i.e. carrots sub for broccoli, plain noodles sub for many things); I don’t fight it, I just substitute with a smile.

I found that the more I learned about the life I was blindly living, the easier it became to make the smarter choices about what I allow into my home and body. The circle of life from the ground through our hands and out into the air has a purpose and the artificial additives our society likes to keep adding into what should be an impervious circle is hurting us. We have all we need naturally occurring on this gorgeous planet of ours, we just need to remember how to keep life simple… this pure fate will heal us from the inside out.

We also need to care for our surroundings which includes both the structure, and the environment, which is mostly self-created. Did we choose a stressful life-style or have we given up on life and never see the sun, do we thrive in our choices or do we create chaos?



This quote is a fabulous example of simple living; one where both planting and nourishment are our measuring scales and balance creates optimal growth. To grow where we are planted speaks to our environment, the path our feet walk and the soul our life creates. What we choose to put in our mouths, clean our bodies with and dab on our beautiful skin is how we are nourished. I think there is no better way to honor yourself and others than feasting on an amazing display of food that was created with love and from scratch. This sounds like Thanksgiving but it can truly be created with much less structure and still generate amazing warmth and love for whomever is enjoying the meal…. and those meals nourish more than our bodies, they feed our souls!



the lucky ones…

when something moves you

it is time to stop and notice

what it is that made your heart stop

what it is that made your mind focus

what it is that took your breath away

look at it


most of the time

it is energy that is ignited,

a connection remembered


energy moves mass

but when denied

stagnation and disintegration appear


your heart wants creation

your mind wants creation

your breath is made for creation


so take your time

to notice what moves you


what it is that made your heart stop

what it is that made your mind focus

what it is that took your breath away


the lucky ones notice




something fun…


Saying good-bye to summer is never easy for me, but I love this postcard I photographed and created with my favorite mantra. I keep it by my desk to remind me that summer is always within reach!



Yet another black man shot dead by an officer… but this officer also killed a son, a husband and a daddy of four kids with that one bullet. Another American citizen caught for bombing within the U.S. while his family does nothing to stop him. A convoy carrying food and clothes for 7800 people destroyed, never to arrive in Syria where it is so desperately needed. Hundreds of thousands are dead in the Middle East as the terror spreads throughout our world.

I can’t stop the tears, the same uncontrollable tears streaming down my face from fourteen years ago, watching the twin towers tumble to the ground… while holding my newborn in my arms. I promised her we would take care of this problem, but she is graduating high school in less than three years and I have done nothing.

I have continued my life as if there is nothing to worry about, more concerned over our economy and what Brangelina are doing than how many lives are being lost. Our precious capitalism, the root of everything that is both good and evil in this world…yes, I love my iphone, but at what cost? When we live in a world that eagerly poisons our food supply and bumbles around looking for media-farts from Trump and Clinton… I shouldn’t be surprised that we are worse off today than fifteen years ago.

It is time everyone, it is time to take the blinders off and get dirty again. This struggle is both internal and external, daunting to think about but it is so real. We have much to fix within our own nation, let alone the battles we must wage against ISIS and its supporters. It is time for a New Americana Revolution, grassroots, badass, fix what’s wrong and take no prisoners!!

Do I have the answers? No, otherwise I wouldn’t be crying… I would be doing! But I start today with this post and I will continue each day because I do not want to leave all this for my kids to fix, they cannot do this alone and I promised my little girl long ago:-(

“The relentless ache in my heart sending ripples through the pool of tears at my feet”


What do goats, carnivals & earthing have in common…?

GOATS photoshop photo & blog: Carla Cook Sakrison

Our neighborhood has an annual tradition every May, a herd of goats move in and clear-out the tall grasses in our local park… this spectacle is also en route to the local K-8 grades, so everyone starts walking to school and hanging out with the goats. It’s a fun time in the spring sun, lots of smiles and photos, giggles and hand-feeding (oops!). The goats are the herald of summer vacation and the end of school, from that week forward, the energy in town starts to vibrate at a slightly higher pitch each week until it bursts forth at the start of summer where everyone in town celebrates at our town carnival in early June. This has absolutely become one of my favorite months of the year, one of those core memories in life… thank you goats!

Then comes my favorite month of the year, July, once best known for my birthday (on the 13th), because what kid doesn’t love her/his birthday?!! But times change as we age and I am now lucky enough to be able to enjoy my summer vacations with the kids; even though I work, my hours are flex and I can venture for weeks at a time (with the kids) during the summer and Tahoe is my refuge, in case my photography on didn’t give it away already (haha)! Since I am reveling in traditions… one of my favorite summer traditions is to review the past year of my family’s year; nothing labored just a visceral summary of what we accomplished in the past school year, where one might need to keep a little focus over the summer to help the upcoming school year (tends to be reading), then a group focus, examples of previous years:

  • summer of fun
  • summer of love (repeated twice)
  • summer of getting along

I begin the first week with many proclamations to the kids, “this is the summer of love”; while we drive, before dinner, I just keep throwing down verse, “can’t wait for the summer of love – yeah!” I love these memories, they’re golden; kids cringing in the backseat threatening to jump from the car – but instead they burst into giggles – aaahh mom!!

Then the summer progresses, about mid-way through I realize I dropped my mantra two weeks into summer, about when one finally lets down their guard from the work-a-day-grind and settles into vacation mode… no time for verse! A couple more weeks go by with a couple tweets that land on deaf ears and that’s when you know that summer is in full-swing.

This year, this summer, this year’s verse has been set and I am announcing it here on this blog even before I share with my family…

THIS IS THE SUMMER OF GROUNDING… I want us to practice grounding this summer and not only within the most recently found “earthing” (explained in a few paragraphs) health improvement realm, but also in the simple things of life: to bake/cook, to plan, to not plan, to walk barefoot, to grow/chop/eat a lot of produce, to lay on the grass, to lean on a tree, to dance and just be.

So, cheers to the summer of grounding… and to make this even more fun, I am sending this out as an earnest INVITATION FOR ALL MY READERS to share some of your grounding stories/photos from the summer of 2016 on my Facebook page “Peace Love & Eternal Grooviness”. I plan to share my summer via Facebook (for the first time in my life) and I cannot wait to get inspired by all of your summer fun as well!!

Time to share a little something from the Earthing Institute, Reconnect to the Earth!…

Throughout time, we humans have sat, stood, strolled and slept on the ground — the skin of our bodies touching the skin of the Earth.

And throughout time, such ordinary contact served as a conduit for transferring the Earth’s natural, gentle negative charge underfoot into the body. You see, we are bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet.

Modern Lifestyle has disconnected us from this primordial charge.

Earthing, also known as grounding, is the landmark discovery that the disconnect may make us more vulnerable to inflammation, pain, stress, poor sleep, and illness. Ongoing research is demonstrating clearly that reconnecting with the Earth upholds the electrical stability of our bodies and serves as a foundation for vitality, health and healing. In an age of rampant chronic inflammation and disease, “grounding” ourselves provides a natural, simple yet powerful path to better health.


feeling life…

I thought it would be fun to get my personal numerology done, so I paid an online service to provide my analysis… it’s a fun little book to read and I honestly felt as though I learned a little about myself because I really connected with some of the descriptions. Although there were many fun characteristics I could share, the one in particular I want to explore here is the overly sensitive trait; the idea that I am too aware of other people’s expectations and then suppress my own desires in order to avoid feeling conspicuous. This hypersensitivity can cause fear and a lack of self-confidence, often leaving me feeling paralyzed by my emotional turmoil.

Just amazing how one can go through life feeling a certain way, relating to the core points of your personality and knowing this is your broken wing you’re carrying around… yet doing nothing to fully understand its root until you read just the right passage and find yourself joining a sensitivity group on Facebook. Only then did it hit me… I am different from other people in this area. I am extremely sensitive; I can sometimes walk in a room and feel completely flattened by the energy – actually scared to talk to some people because they are frightening (not nice) people at their core energy level.

My parents often wondered why I cried so much when I was young, and back then it was just easier than finding words when uncomfortable or feeling sad, just too overwhelming when you feel everything. Now in my forties, I consider myself a fairly accomplished, creative person that has a lot to offer, so it never made much sense to me when I was struck by huge insecurities or fear. Now I can see how these negative aspects of this sensitivity challenge actually spring up (in part) from these equally positive characteristics, especially acute awareness and intuition. I am an antenna for other people’s feelings; I know before a word is spoken how someone feels; we “sensitives” are understanding, compassionate, and have enormous empathy for the inner turmoil of others.

All this is interesting on its own, but my numerology carries it just a bit further into how this “sensitivity challenge” in this life is to maintain my own center rather than conforming to the prevailing emotional atmosphere. Until finally the reading gets to the root of my purpose in life, even more important than all the awkwardness and feelings of being different is this overwhelming sense of having a purpose or a message to reveal that will make other people’s lives happier, healthier, and more at peace.

I often feel like a foreigner here on earth and have written about it for over twenty years; here’s one example:

Since birth the world has seemed a place of rules to live by. Someone else’s grand plan has been set into play for us pawns to move around in. What race, class and model we will breathe from – what values, goals and morals we will fight for.

The time has come to accept each other, to be able to free ourselves from the distinctions that continue to divide us. I am fighting the attitude that sends us off to war in majestic prowess, that denies aid to the truly needy and that keeps our focus on financial success. We need to love, care and devote ourselves to our world.

We are all in this together! Don’t keep the blinders on in fear and anger, we can cure the world with focused effort and delight.

The time has come for us to reject the violence… it does not help and is purely destructive. Take control of our society; compare it to a person, the world is a living being: earth is the body, countries are its characteristics, natural forces are its soul. The planet and its inhabitants need to be nurtured in order to survive

Remember what it was like to be a child… enjoying the simple things, curious amazement, feelings of freedom and safety. Now smile openly and rid yourself of the negativity. Why fight nature? Why fight each other? It makes no sense!

I am not speaking from any fancy, store-bought soapbox; I am speaking from my heart. You cannot debate my request, my foundation is unshakable. You cannot destroy this fantasy, for it is reality!

This year’s commitment to finding my true north is all about finding and ultimately maintaining my center as I heal from my cancer battle and move forward in my new life. This new beautiful life that I am committed to sharing with whomever will listen/read/share/care is one I hope will help others to see their light. Gabriel Bernstein often mentions how ultimately in life “one teaches what one must learn most in this life,” and this seems eminently clear in my situation. Finding and maintaining my center is key to being vulnerable; I know my soft-underbelly is always present, I now honor it and use my toolbox of tricks when needed (yoga, meditation, music, walking, loving my family, laughing with good friends). In a nutshell…. LOVING BY NATURE!

As a last bit, I wanted to share something from Shatki Gawain’s book, Living in the Light. “There are no such things as ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ feelings – we make them negative or positive by our rejection or acceptance of them… all feelings are part of the wonderful, ever-changing sensation of being alive.” She continues by defining “some emotions that people seem to be most afraid of, with a suggestion of one way you might handle them:

FEAR                     It’s important to acknowledge and accept your fears…if you accept  yourself for feeling afraid, and don’t try too hard to push past your fears, you will start to feel more secure. Take risks when ready but don’t force it.

SADNESS              Related to the opening of your heart… allowing yourself to feel sad, especially crying, your heart will open further and you can feel love. Reach out for comfort and support from someone who accepts you to just be for now.

GRIEF                   An intense form of sadness, related to death or ending of something… our way of releasing the old so we can open to the new. Very important not to cut this process short; it comes in waves and gradually disappears. It’s necessary to accept it and give yourself support whenever it comes up.

HURT                    An expression of vulnerability that we tend to mask with defensiveness and blame. Important to express feelings of hurt directly and in a non-blaming way (i.e. I felt really hurt when you didn’t ask me to go with you.)

HOPELESSNESS  This can be the result of not trusting ourselves or taking proper care of ourselves; we may need to be more true to ourselves and more assertive. Hopelessness can also be a stage we go through when we are letting go of our old patterns of control and learning to surrender to our higher power.

ANGER                 When we disown our true power and allow others to have undue power over us. If we start to get in touch with our power, the first thing we feel is the stored-up anger; find a safe place to allow yourself to feel &/or fully express it – whether alone or with a therapist… rant, kick, scream & throw pillows. If you are a person who has felt and expressed a lot of anger in your life, you need to look for the hurt that is underneath it and express that. Do not use anger as a defense mechanism to avoid being vulnerable. An important key in transforming anger into an acceptance of your power is learning to assert yourself.


We are all feeling beings and the key to maintaining center while riding out our emotional storms is by separating what we’re thinking from what we’re feeling… then embrace our soft under-belly and enjoy “this electric thing called life.”


question everything…

Was overhearing a conversation at Starbucks the other day, my daughter and I were killing a few minutes together while she sipped on her lemonade; it was actually a nice moment until the police officer starting smoking a couple cars away.  But that’s not supposed to be part of the story, the interesting part was the conservation between two colleagues that ran into each on the sidewalk. One guy was particularly intrigued by the idea that our society takes too much for granted and accepts too much at face value; he thought we need to start questioning everything in our culture. Of course I was riveted, was hoping the conversation would never end and that some miracle bomb would be released.  Or better still, that I would join in on the conversation in some brilliant way, regardless of how annoyed my daughter would be at the mere thought of speaking with strangers… what?!! Then the conversation ended, they said good-bye and I was left with a few thoughts to ponder.

I had a boyfriend in my mid-twenties that used to love calling people “sheep”; referring to how people just like to stay in packs, move in herds, head up, butts down, as we navigate around our circles. Sadly funny, oddly truthful and yes, I reference sheep often, but mostly to my teenage daughter regarding her growing list of teenage rules against humanity (aka my parents suck!)

Truth is I think that life has too many demands to be met, especially as we run around competing for our value in life. Living in the Silicon Valley, I notice the effects of living a highly competitive life, and the life-style becomes one of perfection where everyone seems to be an alpha-type. Much of our competing occurs in our own minds, almost at a cellular level, imperceptible to the untrained eye. You know that moment, the quick head-to-toe glance, the kid-count drop into the conversation, how you can go to a high-level job, make the kids’ carpool, games, and did she mention she has four kids and will put together a fabulous organic, vegan dinner that all her kids will enjoy immensely? Even her hubby likes her cooking, but mostly he likes her in bed, at least twice a week; that tight ass, perfect hair and fantastic wardrobe only make her more desirable… that and the fact that she actually wants to have sex in hot places – she’s awesome!!

However, everyone has their weak spots and everyone has their strengths; yet we still keep trying to be the best at everything while simultaneously creating a world of frustrations. I found parenthood and running a business to be so overwhelming that I took almost every short-cut I could to get my chores done as fast as possible; packaged seasonings, bottled dressings, canned soups, purchasing school hot lunches for the kids and skipping meals for me; coffee in the morning, wine at night and that in a nutshell is why we get cancer.

We are so busy creating this image of ourselves that we have overlooked the image our large corporations have created about themselves. A fabulous example is how we chased MSG out of most of our foods, but the corporations found ways to get the dangerous ingredient back into their products while placing a big label on their package advertising NO MSG; they simply created new names or exchanged for other ingredients that contain glutamate, such as: yeast extract, torula yeast, yeast nutrient or autolyzed yeast.

A few good videos to see regarding nutrition and cancer are:

  1. Food, Inc.
  3. The Truth About Cancer

One would be hard pressed to not make some serious nutritional changes after viewing these videos, and I do have to warn you, as you will lose faith in our government and big business will give you nightmares.

Then there’s the up-side to losing naivete and gaining  the ability to TRULY live free, and I believe our society will not be the walking dead for long, I believe we are waking up and will reach critical mass soon. In fact a friend just shared a Facebook page, Preston Smiles, who put out a short video on just this subject, “QUESTION EVERYTHING” (guess that’s video #4 worth viewing:-)

Yogi Bhajan gave a lecture back in 2000, he described the coming of the Aquarian Age, a new self-sensory system that people will come to perfect over the next fifty years. As we phase out the old Piscean Age of seeking satisfaction outside of ourselves, in physical beauty and creative legacy… WE WELCOME IN THE NEW SYSTEM whereby the individual finds him or herself complete. In my own words, equal access to resources & information will breed satisfaction, turning competition into cooperation. We will be quite literally, choosing joy!

To quote Yogi Bhajan:

“Men and women are going to reach out with such dignity, such devotion, such an elevated loftiness of self, and the beauty of the human character will be so bewitching, that not only will the ones who are willing be enjoying and realizing, but also their realization will be so profound that no destructive temptation by another person will work. The Age of Aquarius will be the Age of Experience, in which people of experience will be liked, respected, worshipped, talked to, and understood. It’s not a matter of how old you are or how young you are, or how white you are or how black you are. We can help and deal with each other as equals… there’s no beautiful, no ugly.”

Personally, I cannot wait for a time when our business models capitalize on ethics and not on our health… so go out there and use your power to make a difference as a consumer, those purchases feel even better when a baby seal isn’t clubbed (you get my drift)!!