after this global reset… what footprints will you place on earth?

  Photo By Carla Sakrison



This question is what I find myself pondering during the quarantine, and I generally come around to two basic ideas:

  • Having gone through this pandemic on a global scale, we will continue down the road of cohesion. We will look to the future with a newfound positivity for both our lives and the planet we all rely on. I can see huge environmental strides, and finding value in human kindness. The story of how we finally marry our actions with higher values.
  • The flip-side inevitably sounds like “back to business”, and everyone will be so focused on the economy that we forget the lessons forced isolation brought to the forefront.

Any initiating moment is found in that first leap… from the known to the unknown, and the only option to take. When one surrenders to the journey, the endpoint is unknown. We can guess about our findings along the way; but if we are lucky, we will simply find ourselves where we were always meant to be.

Not too long ago, the #MeToo movement toppled our mechanisms of misogyny, and we began to care how we treat the women in this world. Almost a nod to our civil liberties, and how we have used and abused the system. This was how business was done, and this was deep and dark. The best part of this is the simplicity of how to fix what went wrong. We simply cannot live by two rules for people, one for the wealthy and one for everyone else. We finally stopped turning a blind eye to all the shenanigans; no longer will the shadows be a hiding place for the shady.

I believe that we have taken the magic and mystery out of our lives and placed them up so high that they are unattainable and out of reach. The heavens, the powers that be, the great magic maker, God, the Universe, up in the ether, somewhere we’ve never seen or known. And what happens when we place pure light and ecstasy far from reach? We are left with despair and lack down here on earth. It becomes OK to treat others unkindly and walk past someone in need without a glance… for lack is everywhere and expected.

The #MeToo movement has spread to other areas as well; it has become time to hold ourselves accountable for right behavior… and I’m not necessarily talking about extreme changes or activities, I’m just asking for real honesty with oneself. With all this time spent at home, we realize we are capable of great change. Now we can just sit with oneself, and ponder the future once it finally arrives. How will we walk back out onto this planet and move forward?

I have moments of great joy and positivity… I see us seeing through the political games we have been playing, and I see us demanding change in this arena. This is a time to overprotect but not overreact; to walk boldly into this new life and clean up this planet. Most of us have been cleaning out our closets, dusting off the cobwebs from the rafters, and have been opening to the vulnerability we have been masking with fear; this cloak of darkness has been lifted, and we must continue to see.

Running so fast as we have been can accomplish much, but we must now look at what is essential, because we have too much ‘unessentialness’ in our lives. It is through this process of forced isolation that I have been able to truly ground into my own earthly body, and allow my soul to come into alignment with my connection to the heart of this earth.

We are not only finding ourselves in this quarantine experience of ours but we are seeing the interconnectedness of everything in this world. We are seeing what our true motivations are, what we truly desire and what we need to maintain an essential life. First and foremost, we must heal the planet we live on. If we finally make our decisions based off of “what is best for this planet?” We will no longer find divides in judgement… it is only when we come at something wanting the most for oneself that we find each other at odds. This is worth repeating to let it soak in:

It is only when we come at something wanting

the most for oneself

that we find each other at odds!

How freeing… take a deep inhale… exhale and repeat… because it is freeing. To not live in odds with each other… I can see this, can you imagine? I get a little too romantic when I dream of this awakening, this new Renaissance; a revival of, or renewed interest in something… we have taken new interest in our environment, and how we can easily change the ethers when we come together. No longer can we simply focus on the fulfillment of expectations, but rather continue this moment of enjoying the simple joys of being.

Although I would love to fall into the love of arts and music that a classic renaissance era would bring us after this ‘plague’… I think what we most need is an ENVIRONMENTAL RENAISSANCE! 









“Learning to detach from our possessions allows us to assuage our feelings about the possibility of loss. When we become tight-fisted about our resources, we increase the amount of fear we have about facing potential scarcity. Our efforts go into holding onto something as opposed to appreciating what we have. This idea applies to everything in our lives–no matter what changes in our situation will occur. Understanding this fact makes it easier to see that the ebb and flow of life is simply a natural process, which allows us to enjoy instead of guard the fruits of our labor. By detaching from your idea of permanence today, your concern about loss will gradually disappear and you will find a greater appreciation for all you possess in life. We can cling to this core when things around us are falling apart, knowing that an  inexhaustible light shines from within ourselves.” This last paragraph was written by someone I found on the internet, but cannot find who it was, so sorry.  I also think it should be repeated many times for all to read;-)

These are the times in our lives when we are offered a mirror to self-reflect, to re-connect, and to dream it up a notch (or five). Surfers know the physical reality of riding a wave; something roller coasters, airplane dips, over-amped elevators, and many other activities offer us to enliven and remind us we are very much stable and predictable in most of our controlled lives.

The maverick wave that turned my life upside down came in the form of stage 3C ovarian cancer; something my doctor thoughtfully claimed was my stress that I carried in my gut, after a year of inquiring over odd symptoms. Thank god for the emergency room, a quick sonogram caught my grapefruit sized tumor within five minutes, then the MRI showed the black octopus that has just reached my lower lungs. Thankfully, the two lesions in my lungs resolved themselves, and six months of chemo banished the octopus and tumor; nothing was found when I had my hysterectomy, and now five years later, I celebrate life without fear again.

What my time in the tumble offered me was the time to slow and reflect; I saw my newfound mindfulness to be a gift, a looking glass into the crazy rabbit hole I had existed in for the previous 25 years. I have been deeply reminded of this time during our covid quarantine; staying inside, wearing a mask if I go out to the market, no restaurants or fun outings, it is all very similar. One difference is how I spend my time, I’m no longing seeking to sooth my soul; during quarantine, I create, and I have been creating a lot.

It is difficult to avoid nature’s presence during this isolation. I believe we have been avoiding Mother Nature’s call to both respect and value her resources, and to honor true inner beauty… we have disrespected the very life-force that both houses and sustains us, both feeds and waters us.

I feel the call of the feminine; now more than ever… and I am taking this time to allow for the nourishment we all need, and are being asked to give one another. Let us all honor Mother Earth herself… during this moment of global listening.








love inside… through the outside of nature

One day I went for a walk, then found I had lost my way home; this did not feel good, not good at all! “How did I find myself in this peculiar place,” I asked, “How did I find this new place?”

I never would have guessed my walk would create such chaos. I am wearing the very same clothes I left my house in just a bit ago. My hair, I’m certain hasn’t changed much. The weather remains the same, but the animals have come alive, and the flowers and trees, they’re all so beautiful, and they all seem to be speaking to me.

People do not understand me in my other world; I do not know why I cannot play their game, but I simply cannot. This is why I am lost in my own neighborhood; this is why a walk has me feeling abandoned.

I rush about and do not ponder; I forgot how to see the world as a mystery. I found some answers and chant the verses – then I wring my hands, and dream another’s dream. Come and play dress-up, prance in circles, and run the treadmill today; what else to do but compete with the best – survival is for winners!

I always wanted to win, but what I’ve since found… in order to succeed, our competition must cease. For I know in my heart, this world is falling apart; and no game that we play can repair this despair. It is time for the blinders to come off and embrace our spirit within. There’s a whole other place that transcends time and space; it’s the reason we’re here… SO STOP LIVING IN FEAR.

The money that smells, the jobs no more than prison cells, the goals prescribed, and the lives built on lies; the deaths gone unpunished, and the love left untouched. I ache for the world… have lost you?

The media (television/social media/consumption) culture we suckle all day has created apathy, confusion and the false idea of being in control of our lives; instead, we have domesticated ourselves into believing the screens we watch.

We obtained self-awareness, then we lost natural selection. Was man made with perfection at heart? If so, what is the point of evolution? No longer can we conquer each other, or this planet; instead, the lesson we must learn is how to heal.

We have made a mistake; choosing invention over creation has limited our existence on earth, but we can fix it. Reclaim yourself, help others do the same, and in turn change our culture.

I am of this world, no longer lost… having remembered my purpose in life:

deep clean breath in

deep clean breath out

sip clean water

savor clean plants

share your gratitude

and love inside…

 through the outside of nature

finding the bars to your cage…

Super exciting to be a woman today, and seems we’re on our way to aligning back with our original design and purpose; deciding how others think we look is less important than how we feel doing what we want to be doing. All of us, the whole collective consciousness of this planet is seeing the change that needs to occur, and more importantly, we are acting on it. Literally calling people out, and holding them accountable; no longer is crime unstoppable, we have DNA; women will be respected, and men will stop subjugating women; immigration, education, and health care will get a reboot; campaign reform, lobbyists and corporate greed will be put in check; climate change will bring about our new lifestyles.

Do I sound a bit optimistic? Of course, I aim for the heights and keep my eye on the view when I fall short. That is how we get there, and I have faith that we will. I vow to endure the tough changes, to see our new plans through, and to not hold too tight to what is not working, but keep going forward with honorable intentions. How can we go wrong with this plan as our motto?!!

My children will learn from example how to lead their lives, they will see by example how to regain respect for a nation. I see the light that we have in us, and I feel the movement upon us. Embrace this time… for it is precious, and it is needed. Love to all, and to all – please treat yourself with kindness!

This work will require cleansing our palates from some degenerative habits, but this is good work to do for a healthy planet full of love. More specifically, we have to let some of our judgements go, and open up to the possibility that we do not know it all. Again, I see this possibility as a tangible goal, but we all have to agree on a simple foundation.












Letting go is a process that can affect several layers of our lives; the first step is recognizing there is a previously held value that is not a truth. This can be in many areas of your life, but let’s look at religion as an example; maybe you are thinking Jesus was an inspirational leader, and a darn good one. You could choose to ignore any others that thought differently, or worse, condemn and abuse those that hold the son of God in the hearts. Neither option gets you engaged in the beauty and community of diversity that reigns on this planet; instead, you would be confined within your clearly defined walls, holding others accountable for your decisions. The moment one throws shade, makes a judgement, condemns someone for their personal choices in life, for how they look, act or engage with this world… is the moment the bars are placed around oneself.

I adore Madisyn Taylor’s distinction between opinion and judgement:

When we make a judgment, we attempt to have a final say on whether someone or something is inherently good or bad. Judgments close us down instead of opening us up; opinions have a lighter quality and are amenable to change. Once a judgment has been made, there is no more conversation or consideration, whereas opinions invite further debate. Intuition guides us from moment to moment, but, unlike judgment, never makes a final decree. In other words, it is only healthy to be open to the information we receive and to allow ourselves to process that information. As long as we stay open and fluid, we can trust that we have not fallen prey to the trap of judgment.

I have been trying to express my views on politics with those that have an opposing, “happy as things are” outlook on Washington’s new family. What has helped is not coming from the bowels of, “you are wrong, and how can you possibly think this way?!!” That only put me in a bad place; instead, I now try to look at my fellow conversationalists as people worthy of respect, and I become more curious about our conversation. Inevitably, I walk away with the realization that we have similar preferences, and it feels good to walk away closer to each other, rather than at odds.

And this is what the macrocosm of our culture is on the verge of releasing; our deeply held (prejudiced) beliefs, and misgivings of trust in a capitalistic system. Many labels are being thrown around, but labelling and name-calling are what we need to change. There is nothing to fear from a word, it is the actions behind them that should be feared; we have certainly all fallen prey to a bully calling us a derogatory name, or worse, our parents may have belittled us into thinking their plan is the best plan. When we are willing to look past the power of a word, and instead seek to find the truth behind the fear that word created; that is where resolution, compassion and union can be found. And that is worth repeating:

When we are willing to look past the power of a word,

and instead seek to find the truth behind the fear that word created;

that is where resolution, compassion, and union can be found.

I have always found it easy to see varying viewpoints on a topic, and to go with the flow when I know I am outnumbered or outwitted. When no one means to offend, why would I not be willing to bend for another when called upon (for good cause). I do not like to be cocooned in by my own ideology, and I may need a couple bonks on the head to rattle a stronghold loose, but I will make adjustments for the higher good.




Have your rigid beliefs created a block in your life?

How do you think you could help move your efforts forward?

How do you think that could help change the world?




These fires, hurricanes, and shootings… they provide ample human suffering for the media to shower us with images of the apocalypse.

I have another idea…the belief  that mass human suffering WILL  break through the capitalistic bubble of misplaced dreams.

The most steadfast conservatives in my life have held tight to the security money provided, a life-vest in the sea of fear they live in. Today’s society is a bit more open to discussion with respect to Gaia (our living planet), that we are currently en route to destroying.

Smart actions and dialogue haven’t helped; actual positive social movement for our society has very recently been  easily cast aside. Fear, however, is now actually palpable in the actions of our current government.

Rational thought seems to require a national crisis to get an invitation to make change in our society. The “Me Too” movement is upon us; and my question is simple, “does our voice only have one story?”


To be free of shame, guilt and fear is our validation, and our grand accomplishment; but I know there is an uncorked bottle of creativity waiting to come to fruition.  Let’s now shake this tree we’ve uprooted, and take a giant step into creative empowerment.

It is time to drink from the JUICE OF LIFE our spirits can finally rejoice in!




















There is an essence to each living thing; this essence has its own distinct vibration, and can change over time, but that ultimately is only one small wave in the vast ocean of light and love, we call energy.

Each of my teachers has their own angle or catch phrase, but they all reside in how well they resonate with the magic of all things living, whether plant, animal or ether.

as above… so below

The sentiment “as above, so below” has been echoing in my life for the past year or more; it takes the macrocosm, our global atmosphere and equates it with the microcosm of our planet. The same can be said when comparing our planet to our own personal body; we exploit the earth and there is no escaping these harmful effects contaminating our own bodies at the genetic level. Lately, I’ve been taking this one step further, and equating the internal self-hate programming to be what is attacking our bodies with the many auto-immune issues that plague our population.

We allow or don’t even notice this destruction because we are too busy beating ourselves up for some silly nothing that embarrassed the hell out of our ego. And if we are bored with complaining about our own bodies, then we tend to lean into my least favorite habit to be around… complaining about someone we love or at least like a lot. I now believe it is our personal responsibility to not listen to mean garbage talk; grow up and look at yourself in the mirror is what I would like to say. Instead, a polite change of conversation seems more appropriate. I now come prepared with conversation changers; I found it makes my friendships remain what they should be, an enriching, amazing part of my life!

Taking this analogy one step further, I developed eczema when I was pregnant with my first child at 33; I never had allergies before and certainly didn’t have skin issues. What shifted for me was fear and shame; I suppose you could say that I enjoyed living in the moment in my twenties. The problem arose when I became truly responsible for another’s life; that was crippling, and I believe my insecurities started within and then expressed themselves on the outside, my skin. I became endlessly sensitive to food, perfumes, and dust… really anything that came in contact with me only added to my itchy, highly volatile skin that met the outside world.

Too busy with work, being a new mom, and listening to everyone complain about our lot in life; which by the way, none of my friends have it bad, we all just shovel the shit around. I took all the shortcuts with food and housework; chemicals were spread all over my homes’ surfaces, and even made it into our food, in one form or another. Too busy to see that my environment could be affecting my body; that is, until my body wouldn’t let me ignore the truth any longer.

So, I cleaned up, got healthy and committed to a daily mindful practice; whether yoga, meditation, walking in nature, writing, painting, music, dancing, whatever gets me calm and centered, I do it regularly.

Lately, I have been diving deep into herbalism, and found an amazing teacher, Sajah Popham, founder of The School of Evolutionary Herbalism. The foundation of his works is about having a relationship with nature, and using the whole plant to heal the whole body. Everything has meaning in his teachings, and I couldn’t agree more with this premise. No one is an island, and our connection will be our salvation.

Just as our bodies turn on ourselves when we are not operating optimally, so does our planet; this is what I feel global warming is creating for our environment currently. Earth is hurting and it has to kill off what is creating the harm; it needs to wash the germs away, only we just happen to be the grime that needs to be cleansed!!

This reality does make one feel small and rather vulnerable, but if you move through the discomfort, this truth will ultimately be what can save us… and that is not insignificant or worthless. In fact, it gives us power… how the small can unite to become a much stronger unit together. This is where the real magic will happen; when we stop with the nonsense busyness, and move into the space of conscious evolution.

Darwin’s survival of the fittest worked to our benefit when we were living in the wild, but in today’s society of immediate gratification, plastics and fast food, we are (very openly) the most destructive being on this planet. Would the fittest creature choose to destroy the very planet it lives on? Would the wisest creature contaminate its’ food and water to gain financial power? We worked so hard to escape living in the wild, but we have created an environment today that is far more dangerous.

The powerful would like to have us believe we have no strength, and that they alone have the wisdom to move mountains. That paradigm is fast dissolving, and I am here to say you do not have to fear change. In fact, change is the one true unavoidable facet of living here on this planet. To grow and to change; this is our true calling now… how will you answer the call?

MENOPAUSE… peri or otherwise!

the fire that makes our cheeks red & clothes damp with sweat is the bonfire of our lives, putting to rest the struggles of our past, and opening the portal of our next journey in life. i stand strong in my quest, and the challenges of each wave that wants to bring me to my knees, i know i will find the shore ahead. my heart leads me now, but my body needs time to adjust… and with compassion and patience by our side, we move valiantly forward.

how an honest relationship with yourself can change the world…

As long as I can remember, I’ve had an open relationship with myself… what does that look like, you might be wondering? For me, it’s an open conduit to the voice of my heart; not the voice that sounds and feels like defeat… but rather the calm, and often more curious voice that chimes in when I allow it. I spent a lot of time alone growing up, so I would walk out in nature and sit, look around, explore… and spend time thinking about how I thought life should feel and become for me.


The time I spent seeking and looking inward gave me my moral compass; I could never stray off my path for too long or far. Shame and guilt have always played big roles in my life, and I almost let it become debilitating; I let my past choices define me, and I shamed the hell out of myself. It hurt, but I knew that the truth could save me; that and a deep understanding of my worth and footing on my path. That actually is something I hadn’t given much stock until the years proved my experience to be based on THIS VERY SAME TRUTH GUIDING ME BACK.


Call a spade a spade… do not waste your time, and don’t be scared to move on. Listening to your strong subtle voice is your insurance that you will be ok; so have faith in you. The absolute opposite of what we teach our kids.


As I see it, it is now time to cut out the bullshit from our lives, and not only in our personal lives but out of our corporate ideals and consumer driven lives… take charge and breathe your way to the better life you have always been walking towards. It just requires a little remembering to pick up the pace; and allow your breath to do what it does best… renew, and carry out the bad. Breathe in your truth and breathe out the lies. Whether it’s the untruth you berate yourself with on a daily basis, or the bullshit you fell prey to along the way… push eject!


My hope is to start a conversation, allowing people to take a real look at the low rumble that has been getting louder this past decade. What is the true motivation behind your actions? For example, a good friend of mine (who is lovely in every way) told me she was a bit stressed about the list of things to get done before heading out to visit her family for the holidays. On this list was getting her son to the gym more often, and her daughter running more with her. My heart broke just a bit because I remember my experience growing up, being told I’m not good enough. I was told that a lot, and definitely believed it until not too long ago.


I credit my newfound self-worth to trust, I finally trust myself to know what is best for me; my voice guided me places I never dreamed was for me. Maybe age helps a little bit, a secure checking account, strong support, and lots of love around me… I know I am lucky, and I am now walking the walk and talking the talk; making my way to the best me I can be.


I got off track a little bit, but it all comes back to clearing out the rubble and letting the light shine on the beauty around you. The stories we tell ourselves are not beautiful, in fact, they are cruel and hurtful. With our very own thoughts, we are our own worst enemy: if only my hair was two shades lighter, my nose a little shorter, my pants a little looser, my shirt a little lighter, my feet look fat, I wish I had a boyfriend, I wish I had a date, I wish I could laugh better, I am so stupid, and undeserving of anything, it’s all my fault that I am sad.


Instead, take your power back! The voice of lack is not the voice I am speaking about, and not the words to live by… that voice is fear, and it will serve defeat to you every time you listen to it, every time. It may feel comforting to know where you are headed, but you will never find joy there. There is a truth to life that requires you to open up, and be honest about where you want to take a stand, and I think it is time to go for strength and honesty. This requires listening to the calm voice in your head, that stable whisper of a voice that puts your body in alignment, and engages your heart.


How did you feel after the last big decision you made? Ideally, we would want to walk away standing a bit taller and feeling joy radiate warmth from our heart. Sounds a little like a romance novel, but life can be that obvious when we allow ourselves into the subtle body, and can feel the truth of a situation physically.


Now feel how your body responds when you think of the reverse decision; the heart sinks into your stomach and you feel a bit nauseous; your head looks down, shoulders slump and either a nap or a good scream sounds good. Our heads get in the way because we learned at a very young age not to trust ourselves, and that we don’t know what is right and wrong. We have been told so many lies about our history, our very lives, that we have become more comfortable following the rules, and chasing the elusive carrot than wanting to align with the truth.


This same problem is pervasive in our government, our schools, welfare, mental health, prisons, and any other situation involving human lives. The institutions we have built around these lies have become so big, we can’t imagine a new way to govern. We can’t even allow the idea of discounting this Presidential Election due to Russian involvement because it would destroy our lie of democracy being for the people. It has become all too obvious that our government is mostly for the people with money. Now I’ve really gotten off topic, but it makes for a great example of the silly stories we tell ourselves.


Another good example is how Christopher Columbus was among the last to discover America… the Vikings are now considered the first to discover America. But really, why can’t we simply admit we stole America from the Native Americans; they did not need to discover what was already inhabited. Hundreds of years later, and we still can’t tell the truth.


This brings to mind another area of lies that gets me all the time. The propaganda advertising that pervades our culture, telling us what to wear, how much to spend, and how often to trade it all in. This story will knock you down, or it should. Remember the “Keep America Beautiful” crying Indian ad that ran in the 1970’s? It focused on plastic bottles littering our planet, which is a sad reality and should be taken seriously. The problem was that the ad and the whole campaign was created within a secret meeting between top level soda companies (yes, Coca Cola and the other big ones were there). They didn’t want to go back to glass soda bottles and again have to incur the cost of collecting, washing and reusing their bottles; instead, they wanted Americans to be responsible for the littering and garbage creation that using plastic bottles created. So, they made us Americans the bad ones, and not their own greed. Which brings it back to institutions being too big to handle responsible, full-cycle productivity when all they care about are profits.


When we support these gross oversights, we encourage more bad behavior. We cannot overlook the importance of honor and truth in our world any longer. I think it has come time to decide that we have enough, and to take care of those who don’t. This beautiful planet can provide enough for all of us… we just have to decide we are enough. No more self-hate, no more living in lies; stand tall, open your heart and let the light in for all to see.


We are free to be… real, to be loved, to give love, and to live without fear. There is no fear in the truth, it will set us free!







5 things MY KIDS HAVE LEARNED watching Trump:

Bullies lie.

Bullies cheat.

Bullies hang around bad people.

You can bully a nation if you have money.


Bullies win.


(WE CAN change that last point… stay focused, stay strong.)