GREETINGS… my name is Carla Cook Sakrison:  seeker, mother, wife, writer, artist, yogi, and wanderer. I have created this blog to share the journey of finding my true north. I am committed to this project… it’s a calling really, to regroup as the new me settles in. I find myself reaching full-circle back to the girl I once was… not just before cancer, but before life ran away with my time.

I will write at least one blog on coconut oil for sure!!!  Then will come endless recommendations I want to share, everything from quotes to websites, vendors & more.

The photos presented here were taken by me… nothing fancy, just an iphone surrounded by great beauty, the kind you breathe in as a mindful witness.  I would like to begin by sharing a quote by Tom Steppard:

“Words are sacred… they deserve respect.  If you get the right ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little.”

The best place to access this blog is through my website TAHOEBOHO.COM…. more groovy stuff is waiting for you to enjoy!!

Feel free to contact me… carla@tahoeboho.com