These fires, hurricanes, and shootings… they provide ample human suffering for the media to shower us with images of the apocalypse.

I have another idea…the belief  that mass human suffering WILL  break through the capitalistic bubble of misplaced dreams.

The most steadfast conservatives in my life have held tight to the security money provided, a life-vest in the sea of fear they live in. Today’s society is a bit more open to discussion with respect to Gaia (our living planet), that we are currently en route to destroying.

Smart actions and dialogue haven’t helped; actual positive social movement for our society has very recently been  easily cast aside. Fear, however, is now actually palpable in the actions of our current government.

Rational thought seems to require a national crisis to get an invitation to make change in our society. The “Me Too” movement is upon us; and my question is simple, “does our voice only have one story?”


To be free of shame, guilt and fear is our validation, and our grand accomplishment; but I know there is an uncorked bottle of creativity waiting to come to fruition.  Let’s now shake this tree we’ve uprooted, and take a giant step into creative empowerment.

It is time to drink from the JUICE OF LIFE our spirits can finally rejoice in!


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