Why is it the Republican presidents tend to have a really bad guy pulling the strings behind a magic curtain? You know who I’m talking about… Bush with Cheney… and now Trump with Bannon? This is bananas Bannon (#bananan).

I can actually hear the Monkey’s music playing, while short bits of the White House staff and the President scramble about, running into walls, and poking fun at each other.


Then I shift my focus, to what I can see going on outside the White House windows… protests as far as the eye can see.

There is a definite music change, to something more soulful. I lost my breath, my mind, my heart has left the White House. The collective soul of this nation is pulsing with life again, and I feel the love, just fear the hate.


I consider myself a very trusting person, but I do not feel safe with the President. I have never felt this powerful emotion before.

I have questioned, but never feared. I am a 50 year old woman, and I am scared of my President.

And so are you.

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2 thoughts on “#bananan

  1. Yes, I am scared. Half the country is afraid of ISIS. And the other half is afraid of their own President and those ‘best people” who huddle around him. “Breaking News” every day. A ban on a ban. An attack on our free press (George Wills stood up to Trump and was fired from FOX and K. Conway calls for the firing of more journalists), Alienation of a world leader here and there, UK Parliament voting on whether to allow Trump so speak at Parliament, 90 something American companies with global interests standing against the travel ban. 19 Executive Orders including deregulation of Dodd Frank, and allowing waste water from coal mines dumped into our water ways once again. Dont believe what you see or hear. And Sad. Disastrous. Tweets. Trump is a crazy man. Bannon believes he is the reincarnation of Lenin and will not rest until there is a ‘virulent” destruction of our government. God bless those who see this and are speaking out, protesting, resisting, calling Congress…..and still hope in the power of Trump’s “so-called” judicial branch to end this madness. Trump needs to have the judicial branch’s hand in his face. He is not a tyrant. He is simply a mad man.

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