Yet another black man shot dead by an officer… but this officer also killed a son, a husband and a daddy of four kids with that one bullet. Another American citizen caught for bombing within the U.S. while his family does nothing to stop him. A convoy carrying food and clothes for 7800 people destroyed, never to arrive in Syria where it is so desperately needed. Hundreds of thousands are dead in the Middle East as the terror spreads throughout our world.

I can’t stop the tears, the same uncontrollable tears streaming down my face from fourteen years ago, watching the twin towers tumble to the ground… while holding my newborn in my arms. I promised her we would take care of this problem, but she is graduating high school in less than three years and I have done nothing.

I have continued my life as if there is nothing to worry about, more concerned over our economy and what Brangelina are doing than how many lives are being lost. Our precious capitalism, the root of everything that is both good and evil in this world…yes, I love my iphone, but at what cost? When we live in a world that eagerly poisons our food supply and bumbles around looking for media-farts from Trump and Clinton… I shouldn’t be surprised that we are worse off today than fifteen years ago.

It is time everyone, it is time to take the blinders off and get dirty again. This struggle is both internal and external, daunting to think about but it is so real. We have much to fix within our own nation, let alone the battles we must wage against ISIS and its supporters. It is time for a New Americana Revolution, grassroots, badass, fix what’s wrong and take no prisoners!!

Do I have the answers? No, otherwise I wouldn’t be crying… I would be doing! But I start today with this post and I will continue each day because I do not want to leave all this for my kids to fix, they cannot do this alone and I promised my little girl long ago:-(

“The relentless ache in my heart sending ripples through the pool of tears at my feet”



  1. The media does its very best to promote all the negative in our world. It gets the ratings. I wish for every bomber that gets into the news ad nauseum, there was equal coverage of the guy, like the Sikh, who actually called the police when he recognized the suspect. There re so many good people in this world and a step towards what we are all looking for is to recognize the good in people.
    I see that good in you, Carla. God Bless and good luck from the Universe in starting your blog.

  2. Well said…and I don’t have any answers either! I think we’ve lost our appreciation for just living a ‘good’ life…people keep score, want more, share less, protect more, live in more fear…kind of ironic. I think we need a master plan that truly strives for a global, long-term, humanitarian result, that doesn’t risk being derailed with the latest whim of the public…regardless of who is in office (not meant to be a political statement!). Our culture of fear and ‘mine’ isn’t healthy for anyone. So, like you, I feel the pain of what’s happening all around us…I’m too tired to be a leader, but would welcome the opportunity to be a good follower for change. Keep blogging!

    • Sorry so late in responding… will improve!! I agree with the “latest whim of the public”, I often feel like the dog being wagged by my media’s tail. Thanks for the comments & advice:-)

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