If you’re not thinking of Adele singing after reading this title, you are a living miracle!! I cannot get that song out of my head… and if by chance I happen to forget that heartbreaking tune, the radio reminds me almost immediately!!!

To be honest, I like saying “hello” to 2016; I have a lot of optimism about this upcoming year, and not only within my little world, but for this whole planet. I think we are due for a sign of progress, for a reprieve from the ever-maddening news stories, and the insane bickering within politics. Maybe adding a meditation love-in should be added to my New Year’s To Do List (aka Resolutions).

It’s funny, because last year’s ad nauseam song, is pretty much how I feel about 2015… “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen rings true for my year’s adventures. Like feathers in the wind, I sent last year’s memories off and away. Rooted in today, with a smile across my face, this is how I started my New Year. Inspired by my confidence to make life what I wish it to be.

HA! Just caught myself wondering what 2017’s ad nauseam song will be?!! Will spare you from anymore of this, and instead, move on to New Year’s Resolutions. I actually just watched a Webinar with Marci Shimoff & Debra Poneman, “3 Secrets to Living in the Miracle Zone”, that offered good advice for opening up to receiving miracles. I’m thinking their strategies could be the turbo charge to your own New Year’s Resolutions. Their strategic and simple plan for “Living in the Miracle Zone” is a good reminder of the basics:

  1. Desire from your soul, not your ego
  2. Be mindful of the company you keep
  3. Know your worth

The more concise and pure you can make your point, the easier it is to digest and make real… these three points should be our directions for life. Who needs a full ten commandments, three seems fine to me!! Actually, I must add two more good points:

  1. Live in a state of gratitude… (thank you, Wayne Dyer)
  2. Peace begins with me… (thank you, Gabriel Bernstein)

“Five Alive” seems like a good nickname for the list above… a solid affirmation that can only point due north.

Since I have been living rather mindfully this past year, instead of making any New Year’s Resolutions, I simply chose to recommit to my lifestyle and maintain my one-year blogging adventure. And I also resolved to rid my life of the little irritations I HAVE control over; for instance, I got rid of an almost full jar of daily vitamins, instead of berating my family to eat what they hate. This might sound silly, but for almost two months, I got annoyed every time I looked at that bottle… and every time I got annoyed with the bottle, I would try to make someone eat a vitamin. No one won this battle, but I didn’t want to waste the money. Needless to say, we are all happy I chose to surrender, and this is a prime example of struggles we have control over!! I need to reserve my frustrations for improving my writing this year, not picking silly fights. What are your resolutions? Will you keep “five alive”?

My year of practicality and discipline… should be a fun ride, like the feeling you only get when walking alone and an overwhelming smile comes over you, one of those from deep in your soul. That’s what this year is…

Go whisper this to the trees

and let the wind set us free!!

PeaceLove&EtnernalGroovinessB&W www.TahoeBoHo.com

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