and so it begins…

I was smarter than I thought I was in my 20’s; I think it’s easier to appreciate myself now that I’m older, too many insecurities swirling around my head back then!!


I have decided it’s time to revisit these pages… to rummage through & see what I can cull from my past.  I’ve had this idea before but have never gotten far, and since I already committed to one year of blogging, this is a perfect time to complete the quest.  I admit, it does feel a bit self-indulgent but mostly, it feels like I’m embracing the old me.  And I can’t help but wonder what I’ve forgotten over the years!!


I believe reading through these pages will help me find a more solid True North, a well-rooted me!  I do not have a systemized plan for bringing my new world together with the chronological readings from the journals, but I know what my goal is:


By the end of my blogging year, I will find myself wiser, more patient with life… and ready to live my true north.



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